PHP Extension & Application RepositoryPyrus - A few PEAR Compatible Packages


These packages came about due to recurring patterns in setting up web-based database applications in php. I always try to use the appropriate PEAR package wherever possible as it makes for faster setup time and cleaner code. However there were some things for which no PEAR package exists, like constantly creating search forms which lead me to write reusable classes that fit into PEAR. I use the packages listed here almost always and I find that, although not terribly complicated or groundbreaking, they do save me some setup time.

Note this is not related to the PEAR2 project, which has also been named Pyrus.

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One can either download the tgz file and run

pear install <package_file.tgz>

or specify the url from sourceforge:

pear install <package_url>


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