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This package is vapourware at the moment

Just like PHP_Compat attempts to list all available functions in current releases of PHP for people running older versions, I have an idea to create a package that will provide users with a set of useful functions that I believe should be part of PHP in future versions. At this point in time I only have 2 functions:

  1. ucnames() - Like ucwords but capitalises based on the string being split up by any non-alphabetic character. This will be useful for capitalising hyphenated names like Anne-Maree or surnames with an apostrophe like O'Leary.
  2. array_shift_assoc() - I've only needed it once but unlike other array functions, array_shift doesn't have an associative cousin.
  3. file_append_contents() - Speaks for itself.

Of course there could be potential issues if a function listed in this package becomes part of the core of php, then it would become a candidate for listing in PHP_Compat as well. Perhaps this could somehow become a part of PHP_Compat. Logo