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A HTML_QuickForm rule plugin that checks the spelling of the element that it's applied to. Making the use of the php pspell library, words may be added to a personal dictionary, ignored or possible suggestions may be viewed.

Example Usage


require_once 'HTML/QuickForm.php';

$form =& new HTML_QuickForm;
$form->addElement('header','header','Test spelling of this textarea');
$form->addElement('textarea','sometext','Some Text:');

$form->addRule('sometext',null,'spelling',array('quickform'             => &$form,
'element'               => 'sometext',
'personal_dictionary'   => './personal.dict',
'mode'                  => PSPELL_FAST,
'style'                 => true));



Example Output

Test spelling of this textarea
Some Text: The following words are misspelt:
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